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A little bit about me

My name is Emilie Hamel, I have been practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist since 2010. I moved to Canada from France with my family in 1999. As a teenager that was the experience of a lifetime!

 I have recently moved near Rouge Valley with my 5 year old daughter Sasha and a Siberian Husky named Rogue. We are a very active family. I love to hike, and enjoy the cottage all year round. I also like swimming, kayaking, and the occasional climbing. 

I also enjoy cooking and baking at home, we are a health conscious household so I like to prepare most of the meals we eat. We also enjoy going out for dinner but it’s all about balance and moderation for us. True to my French heritage, I always try to come up with new interesting meals every week so as to not get bored!

I think my clinical experience and my experience as a mom and professional give me a good understanding of how to help others improve their wellbeing.

So, what do I do to keep healthy? Here is my recipe.

Being a massage therapist is physically demanding and though it might seem like a form of exercise, it is actually very strenuous and I need to undo some of the tensions to my body. This would be similar to someone having a job where they seat for most of the day and are doing repetitive typing motions, but think more concentrated in my back and arms.

So, here’s what I do: I get monthly Chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy treatments. I believe in a holistic approach to well being, plus most of the time, it feels pretty great!

I exercise 2-3 times a week at home to strengthen my body, each work out is 15-30 minutes long. It includes a lot of core strengthening (that helps my back), shoulders and arm work. It sounds like a lot when running my own business and looking after my daughter but I make it work.

And then, it’s all about trying to fit in as many good meals, walks in the park and laughs with my family. That’s the real secret, I don’t make it a chore, I use it as an excuse to spend time together and share some beautiful moments.

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